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Mitch McConnell
  Senate Leaders Discuss Legislative Agenda  CSPAN  October 22, 2019 2:04pm-2:16pm EDT

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make in terms of process and where members fall on that question and we continue to want to get to yes. >> i would underscore that we continue to want to get to yes and the working committee is meeting and we hope that the administration will continue to work. >> we leave these remarks to go live to capital hill to hear from senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. >> hopefully the ice is breaking on the democratic side with regard to obstructing appropriation bill that we all agreed to move several months ago and that's the hopeful sign. if we will stay on those bills until we get them across the floor and then go to defense and labor h, two bills that amounts to a huge percentage of what we spend every year. on the syria front i hope the
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administration is trying to mitigate the damage done by the decision to withdraw from eastern syria all the u.s. troops and i know the house has pastor will pass a resolution and my own view is that a good time to go beyond just syria and also express ourselves on the inappropriateness of drying down in afghanistan like pres. obama did in iraq, which clearly clearly was a mistake and caused the rise of isis in that area. i think there are a number of ways to address our foreign policy concerns and if we have that debate in the senate i would like it to apply more broadly than just to the courage.
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for example, in eastern eastern syria they are also christians left out of the version that the house considers. a broader approach to america's position in the world which i think and 70 senators .-dot earlier this year is more forward leaning and a decision the administration made with regard in regard to getting our troops out of syria. >> missing a lot of the democrat individual candidates trying to trick themselves into a puzzle to trying to address to pay for all the socialist ideas they are putting out there and my colleague will talk about medicare for all but what we are seen coming out of the house coming out of the leadership are just more ideas that will increase the size of government
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and destroy the free market when it comes to healthcare with the pelosi drug bill is one that paul's strict price controls and makes it harder to get medications, many, many of which available to innovation and research with folks in this country and other countries have gone down this path and it does not work. what you are saying is a decrease availability with new therapies and medication that are doing wonders to help save and help people's lives. i worry about all the heavy-handed government ideas the democrats are putting forward and what it will do to the economic progress we're making today if you look at what happened with president trump taking office median household income has increased 6.8% with over $4000. if you go back in the previous eight years, 2009, 2017 there was about $1000. dramatic increase in the amount of money the many people have in
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their pockets and have been held just for themselves and their families. that's been because of policies like regular reform and energy policies for ford by the republican majority here in senate and by this president working together in the democrat idea which are being advanced by the presidential candidate and leadership here on capitol hill would undo the economic progress and lead us in a different direction which would remain lower paychecks and tape and pay for the mac and people. >> the cost of a one-size-fits-all healthcare plan with medicare for all is even higher than previously it had been expected in the urban institute did a study last week and making out with her number $34 trillion with the key and to put that into perspective that is more money over the next ten years then then this country will be spending on medicare, medicaid and social security combined.
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if a medicare for all program were to pass. during the debates was before and was asked time after time as she would pay for it and she ducked and dodged in six times they asked the question and she refused to answer at least bernie sanders was honest when he said if you are family making more than $29000 a year you will pay more in taxes under medicare for all. "the washington post" had a story to will the metaclass be hurt under medicare for all and will they pay more and what will happen there in the second sentence to that was also but warren and bernie sanders struggle to answer the question. they interviewed a professor from emory university in charge of healthcare and what he said was look this program medicare fraud was designed to be distractive and and to have winners and have losers be very disruptive and the cost for the
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american people for the middle class will be high. this is on top of the fact they will remove health insurance from 180 million americans who get their health insurance through work and will lose that. this is a program that is so radical that intimacy will not bring up the floor of the house and she is someone that loves appeasement in the green new deal and will go down very liberal approaches but hasn't brought that up in the house for a vote. under one-size-fits-all medicare for all you people will pay more to wait longer for worse care and it will be the class who bear the burden of the expense.
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>> last week house democrats decided again they would not have a vote to officially begin an impeachment effort so what do we have as a result of that connect a process going on in secret and we have selective the game without much material coming out with just a little of it coming out and there are no neutral observers allowed to be a part of this and it's held profusely in the intel committee secure setting even though there's no indication that any of the information being discussed is classified and no public debate on a votes and note rules are set out president lawyers aren't allowed to see the evidence or challenge evidence and ranking members don't have the ability to have subpoena power and what is similar or common about all those things in the path to impeachment efforts all of those things have been exactly the opposite. in the early federalist papers looking at appeasement they understand impeachment was a very vaguely defined thing in
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the constitution and because of that they said impeachment has to be public and can be entrusted to just a few people and you can't have people in the setting behind closed doors pursuing what is clearly an unfair way to pursue something that is a constitutional privilege but the other religious of responding and knowing are also there and those are not being allowed. >> trade remains the top of the list concerns for americans. danger we get these deals done is very important so the announcement of the japanese trade deal was exciting for a lot of folks especially back in iowa where we have spent last year alone or excuse me in 2018 over $1 billion for the iowa goods to japan so it's a great boon for our pork and beef and
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corn foreigners and working very hard on the china deal. president trump has done a very job getting china to the table and the recent announcement he had with the greater export of agricultural goods was helpful for america's fine farmers and it means more soybeans and of course more pork is what they are buying as well. that's a great thing but folks bottom line what can we do here in progress to make sure trade deals get done. u.s. mca. i'm wondering why speaker policy is sitting on u.s. mca when it means so much to all americans. not just farmers but business owners and the like and we need to see progress on there and push the democrats to move on this bill. it will be a great success for everyone not republicans and democrats but americans. we need to put the pressure on the undergrads and house to get moving.
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>> this president working with republicans on capitol hill has been able to sustain the longest period of economic expansion in history and that it in part as a part of our tax reform effort and on account of our initiative to get rid of major regulations or obstacle that the business created in growth and it in part is based on our other pro-business policies related to training and education and policies that we have been championing. one thing that remains unfinished as we look for the economy is to pass this u.s. mca deal. our present the state of indiana and most manufactured into the state in the country one out of four manufacturing businesses in my state directly export to canada or mexico results in roughly 60000 jobs that are responsible for export into those countries.
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it's pertinent to our manufacturing workers important to our ag print indiana ranks number eight in terms of exports, soybeans corn and other commodities into x ago and canada so we've got to get this done for our farmers. 95% of our farms in indiana, family farms, small operations, this is about saving rural communities and present on the stock struck a good deal with nancy policy needing to move forward with it to sustain our economic health. >> we leave these marks from senate republic leaders to return of the u.s. senate. this afternoon i rise to urge my colleagues here in the u.s. senate to support the pending cloture motion on h.r. 3055 so we can get the appia